One of the last big adventures of our time

Sailing alone around the world, without stoping and without outside assistence.
Over 4 months at sea, faceing loneliness, storms and the challange of keeping the boat running fast.

Trying to beat the courrent world record of 137 days, without the use of any fossile fuels!


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  • ToKuTec

    New Partner

    ToKuTec joins Sailing OneWorld.


12 meters long, 4 meters wide and up to 260sqm sailarea. This beast was designed to race single- and doublehanded at speeds up to +20 knots.

Skipper/ Adventurer
- Nicolas Manthos

Born with the adventure gen in 1995. Exploring the different elements ever since. After many years of flying my paraglider all over the world and talking about my adventures in multimedia presentations, now I started a new challange on the ope oceans. And I LOVE it !


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